Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kit Bogenschneider's Tribute to the Waters of Iron County and Beyond

"I was quite surprised that these early morning paddles
often stirred my sense of smell, and I could pick up the aromas of
pine trees, sewaweed, wood fires, bacon frying at the campground."
At the ICLRA fall meeting on Saturday September 12th Kit Bogenschneider of Mercer Wisconsin's own Loony Paddlers, ladies kayaking group, presented an inspiring tribute to the waters of Iron County and beyond.  We have long maintained that we Iron County residents and visitors are privileged to exist in one of the last unspoiled parts of the great North Woods.  Kit's narrative and pictures captured the treasure that is Iron County.

"Then I would turn around and if I were especially lucky,
 the moon would light my path home.  Oh, how
I wanted to share my experiences with my friends."

 Thanks Kit, for all you do for Mercer!

You can enjoy Kit's entire presentation here.


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